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The multi-family industry is booming and RDGCI is here to help you stay ahead of the competition. It's never been more important than ever to make sure your asset is up-to-date. Renters have options and maintenance deferred may be the difference between landing a lease agreement or not. Let RDGCI ensure your property is the one that everyone is talking about for the right reasons!

Got a multi-family Project to Bid?

Whether it's renovating an old apartment complex or constructing a new facility, RDGCI can help meet your deadlines on-time and within your desired budget. Based in Central Indiana, we can provide trade labor in-state or out-of-state for the right opportunities. 

Apartment Interior with Red Accents

Need Apartment Turn Service
for new Renters?

Every renter deserves a clean and fresh living space to move into. RDGCI can help you turn units quickly and affordably so that your next occupants move-in day isn't spoiled by nasty stains and odors. We can help you change out flooring, paint, or fix drywall. We can even address larger issues by enlisting our subcontractors to find you the best price options with a trusted track record. 

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