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office space



Keeping your office space up-to-date is vital to ensuring your business is thriving. Aesthetics mean something to your guests, not to mention your employees. With all of the contractors out there, picking the right one could mean the difference between your dream office or something else entirely. That's why RDGCI takes a personal approach making sure we know what you're looking right from the start of your project. We're interested in long term relationships which mean leaving every client 100% satisfied.


We walk You through it

RDGCI can manage any project your business may require. We'll walk through the design and build, bringing our teams together to match your design aspirations with a cost that won't ruin your budget! Whether it's updating your existing space or building out a new storefront, we can help you with your project needs. 

Got a bid Opportunity?

If you have a project bid opportunity we'd love the opportunity to compete for your business. RDGCI can provider trade labor for drywall, painting, framing, flooring, and more. Look us up in ISQFT or send a bid request to We'll work together to help you win your bid and finish the job without headache. For the right opportunity, we can operate wherever the work takes us. We're currently operating in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois. 

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